Art on the Walls by Clifton Powell

  • Posted by thestoke 29 Apr

Art on the Walls by Clifton Powell

The Stoke Pub & Pizzeria Guildford Art Gallery Clifton Powell May 2012

Right now in The Stoke you’ll see up on our walls various pieces of art by Clifton Powell. You can purchase these by speaking to a member of staff or speaking with Clifton Powell directly.

We spoke with Clifton Powell to get an insight into his background and to let you all know a bit more about the artist who has graced our walls with his art:

“I studied at The Jamaica School of Art in Kingston, Jamaica before moving to the UK in the 80’s. I worked with Tempole Art in London who were one of the leading framers and suppliers of Black Art in the UK. With them, I took part in numerous exhibitions including The International Black Art Fair… I an known for my unique style which I developed while paining in Jamica, which combines fluid draughtsmanship with realism and a dynamic use of colour. My work now explores a wide variety of styles, influenced by the places I’ve travelled to and the people I’ve met.”Clifton Powell

So we hope you take a look around at his art on our walls and again, if you’re interested in purchasing please either speak to a member of staff or contact Clifton Powell directly.

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