April Ales / Cask Ale Festival 2013 at The Stoke

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April Ales / Cask Ale Festival 2013 at The Stoke

The Stoke Pub & Pizzeria Guildford April Real Ale Cask Ale Festival 2013

You may have noticed that we have introduced several local ales over the past few months but what you may not have noticed is that these real ales are introduced to our bar just once… then once that barrel has been drunk, it’s onto the next brew! All the ales we source are recommended by SIBA – The Society of Independent Brewers.

We want to give you the opportunity to sample lots of different types of real ale from local breweries and every month we’ll have a different selection for you to try – some you will have seen / tried before but others we hope will give you a completely fresh experience.


Tether Blonde – 4.1% abv (WharfeBank Brewery)
A pale, American-hopped cask beer, brewed with Cascade and Simcoe varieties, giving a distinctive, citrus character with a passion fruit finish.

Rip Snorter – 5.0% abv (Hogs Back Brewery)
This is a traditional ‘strong English ale’ that can be enjoyed all year round. It is a reddish amber bitter and malty, but with refreshing hoppy high notes.

Build A Rocket Boys! – 4.0% abv (Elbow’s own brew)
A golden ale with a rich rounded body, smooth bitterness, subtle tang of malt and spiced bread and fruity aroma.

White Star – 4.8% abv (Titanic Brewery)
Aroma leading to mouth of grapefruit and lemon notes. Dry hoppy aftertaste with a bitter herbal note

Jester Jack – 4.0% abv (Whychwood Brewery)
A crisp beer with fruit and hops on the aroma and flavour

Ginger Hare – 3.9% abv (Bath Ales)
Created using traditionally fermented root ginger, with the malt and hops mingling to provide a full-bodied flavour and lingering spiciness

Good Old Boy – 4.0% abv (The West Berkshire Brewery)
A good balance of malt and hops giving a full-bodied bitter with strong malt flavours, yet retaining a rounded bitterness and a strong hop finish

Hop Dog – 5.5% abv (Sunny Republic)
Citrus dominated IPA with a slight astringency that leads to an enduring bitter finish. Back end taste and aromas of tropical fruits.

Mallard IPA – 4.1% abv (Cottage Millenium)
Aroma of grass and fruity and malty notes. Flavour is similar with fruits most noticeable. Malty notes with hints of caramel and citrus.

Monument – 4.1% abv (Tyne Bank Brewery)
A hop mix that gives the beer a berry fruit character with berry aromas and a balanced bitterness, the malt blend gives the beer a slight caramel undertone. Fruity, sweet malt aroma, some toffee on the nose.

Smuggler – 4.1% abv (The Marlow Brewery)
An amber coloured best bitter, offering an initial smoothness followed by a dry after-taste along with a fruity hop aroma.

Drop in an sample what’s on tap!

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