Real Cask Ales at The Stoke Pub Guildford September 2013

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Real Cask Ales at The Stoke Pub Guildford September 2013

The Stoke Pub & Pizzeria Guildford Real Ale Cask September 2013

Real ales on rotation throughout September… once they’ve been and gone, they’re gone so enjoy them while they last! This month we have:

Parklife – 3.2% abv
PARKLIFE is a refreshing light ale with a great taste. We use a selection of fine New World hops including Ella (we’re using whole leaves) to give PARKLIFE a full, clean flavour, beautiful colour and a wonderful aroma. All this and it’s only 3.2% ABV – amazing!

Fore – 4.2% abv
A chestnut coloured ale with a good balanced bitter finish.

innthesun – 4.6% abv
We’re all feeling a bit damp – Summer hasn’t really been, well, Summer has it? But we at Plain Ales would like to send a bit of sunshine your way with our old favourite innthesun.

Hop Idle – 3.7% abv
A golden beer using pale and amber malt, combined with 4 different hop varieties entwining fruit, citrus and flora flavours.

The Wife’s Bitter – 3.9% abv
And what to do if she’s bitter? Take her out for a slap up supper . But, hey, be sure to chose a pub where they serve Plain Ales – if you have to talk to her all night at least do it with a good pint in your hand! Heaps of bitter hoppiness in this one – but delve deep and the sweetness will still be there. A red ale with summer fruits and hints of tartness.

Spirit of Kent – 4.0% abv
Tropical fruits, citrus notes and a hoppy finish are balanced by the pale ale malt backbone.

Beer – 5.0% abv
A bittersweet nose with tea flavours and sweet malts. Hedgerows hops and sweetness also coming through.

1965 Special Bitter Ale – 4.8% abv
A strong premium ale, golden amber with fruity flavours.

innspiration – 4.0% abv
Flavours of caramel malts and fruit. Some citrus and floral hints.

English Summer Ale – 3.9% abv
A light copper coloured beer, citrus flavours, floral notes and finishing with hoppy dryness.

Arty Farty – 3.9% abv
Aroma: caramel, cereal and some spicy notes. Flavour: caramel, fruits, malts with slight citrus notes and a dry finish.

Pure Gold – 4.8% abv
Aroma is malty with some mild fruitiness while the flavour is fruity with some floral note

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