Real Cask Ales at The Stoke Pub Guildford November 2013

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Real Cask Ales at The Stoke Pub Guildford November 2013

The Stoke Pub & Pizzeria Guildford Real Ale Cask November 2013

Real ales on rotation throughout November… once they’ve been and gone, they’re gone so enjoy them while they last! This month we have:

Heritage XX – 4.0% abv
An amber beer with a fresh, hoppy aroma and a full bodied and satisfying taste with a lingering and pleasant bitterness.

Yogi – 4.9% abv
Smooth with a hint of red, with a rounded fruitiness giving way to a hint of blackcurrant,
liquorice and toffee.

Junction – 4.5% abv
Auburn in colour with heather honey in the aroma and spicy, rich fruit on the palate. Maris Otter pale, crystal malted barley and roasted barley used with Challenger, Goldings and Bramling X hops.

Grandstand Bitter – 3.8% abv
A well-hopped amber beer. Refreshing, with light citrus hoppy, caramel and grassy notes. Flavour of the citric hops, grass and grapefruit leading to a dry hoppy finish.

Punter – 4.3% abv
If you pick a pint of ‘Punter’, you’ll be onto a sure bet. Our most popular ale (ABV 4%) ‘Punter’ has an earthy richness with hints of syrup and toasted grain.

Baggywrinkle Brown Ale – 4.5% abv
A traditional brown ale brewed with Fuggles and Goldings hops. Aroma: malty and toffee. Flavour: caramel, butter, fruits, smokey.

English Garden – 3.8% abv
At 3.8% this Ale is recommended for lovers of hops who want to drink more and more. Its rich hop aroma is balanced by biscuity malt with a slight sweetness and is wrapped up in a wave of bright golden colour.

Yumi – 3.9% abv
A single hop, golden and bitter ale

Golden Bine – 4.2% abv
Brindle bitter is a traditional, no nonsense, English, best bitter. It uses Challenger and Goldings hops to create a marvellous hoppiness which is balanced by a malty, chocolatey sweetness. At 4.2% abv and with an assertive, yet not overpowering, bitterness this is a fantastic all rounder.

Devil’s Backbone – 4.5% abv
Dark porter with smooth malt characters, brewed using Williamette hops and flavours of spicy elderberry.

Nuptu’Ale – 4.2% abv
Crisp pale ale with delicate hop flavours and light maltiness. Refreshing and easy drinking.

Triple Champion – 4.0% abv
Has a fruity, caramel aroma and a malty, nutty, toffee flavour with slightly earthy hops.

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