Real Cask Ales at The Stoke Pub Guildford December 2013

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Real Cask Ales at The Stoke Pub Guildford December 2013

The Stoke Pub & Pizzeria Guildford Real Ale Cask December 2013

Real ales on rotation throughout December… once they’ve been and gone, they’re gone so enjoy them while they last! This month we have:

Sussex – 3.6% abv
Traditional pale ale with a malty flavour, bitter and dry.

Prospect – 4.5% abv
Organic golden pale ale, citrusy and fruity.

Force Four – 4.0% abv
A floral aroma with an addition of light hops, grass, butter. Flavours of dry hay, fruits, mild gooseberries and herbal notes. Has a dry, bitter finish.

Hip Hop – 4.0% abv
The aroma is loaded with floral hops, while the pale malt flavour is overtaken by a dry and bitter finish.

Thunderer – 4.2% abv
Citrus and floral aroma and a soft bitter aftertaste. Seasonal.

Mr Swift’s Pale Ale – 3.8% abv
A light, straw-coloured bitter, fragrantly hoppy and extremely drinkable. The hops in the brew are a classic mix of Fuggles and Goldings over a pale malt base creating a uniquely refreshing session ale.

AK – 3.7% abv
Well balanced bittersweet taste, with malty notes and a light clean finish.

Old Oak – 4.1% abv
Dry with some fruit on the palate ending in a herbal bitterness.

Powder Monkey – 4.4% abv
A dark golden ale with a smooth taste and produces a sweetness on the palate. Smokey, nutty and citrus flavour.

Mister Squirrel – 4.3% abv
A chestnut red premium bitter. It has a lightly hopped aroma, a creamy texture with hints of caramel and vanilla complementing the slightly hoppy and malty over tones.

Piddle Premium Ale – 4.1% abv
Full bodied and amber, sweet and malty with a fruity nose leading to a resinous hoppy flavour with a twist of citrus fruit, giving way to a dry bitter finish.

Granstand Bitter – 3.8% abv
A well-hopped amber beer. Refreshing, with light citrus hoppy, caramel and grassy notes. Flavour of the citric hops, grass and grapefruit leading to a dry hoppy finish.

Windsor Knot – 4.0% abv
Brewed selected hops, sovereign and Nelson Sauvin. Hoppy grassy aroma with malt and fruits. Hoppy flavour, grapefruit, apples and grass. Long bitter finish.

Winter’s T’Ale – 4.5% abv
Using toffee apples and marmalade, citrus and candied peel from British Admiral Hops to create a flavour full of the winter months.

Punter – 4.3% abv
If you pick a pint of ‘Punter’, you’ll be onto a sure bet. Our most popular ale (ABV 4%) ‘Punter’ has an earthy richness with hints of syrup and toasted grain.

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